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Commander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons: Marooned on Mars

The game that started it all. This is the first ever Commander Keen game. In this episode Keen is exploring Mars and discovers that four parts of his Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket have been stolen. Keen needs to recover the stolen parts in order to return home. Keen obtains his trademark pogo stick here on mars and explores a number of the Martian cities also encountering many enemies along his journey. The main enemy Keen encounters are known as the Vorticon’s. They are fierce human/dog-like creatures that once used to be a peaceful race but have become vicious since they were enslaved by the mysterious Grand Intellect.

This is also the episode where the beloved Yorps and Gargs make their first appearance.

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With great thanks to Tom Hall and his awesome team for creating such a legend.

Publisher: Apogee
Creative Director:
 Tom Hall
Level Design: Tom Hall, John Romero
Graphics/Artwork: Adrian Carmack
Programming: John D. Carmack , John Romero
Sound: Tom Hall

For best results, this shareware release runs best when using DOSBox

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