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Commander Keen answering the call of nature


Commander Keen in Goodbye Galaxy: Secret of the Oracle

After returning home from freeing the Vorticons from the Grand Intellect. Commander Keen has to endeavor his regular household routines which includes eating his vegetables and going to bed early. Soon Keen creates his newest device called a Photachyon Transceiver which in other words is an interstellar radio.

After testing out the radio by listening to an alien sitcom called “My Favorite Yorp” Keen intercepts a strange alien message spoken in the language called Omnispeak which the Vorticons had taught him. It seems that something called The Shikadi plan on destroying the Milky Way in the name of Gannalech.

Keen grabs his brother’s football helmet and preps his trusty old Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket for take off. Just as he is ready to leave his mother calls out that it is dinner time. Keen can’t afford to waste any time and has no choice but to safety stun his parents in order to save the galaxy.

Commander Keen takes off in his Megarocket and heads towards Gnosticus IV, the home planet of the Gnosticenes, the guardians of the Oracle

When Keen arrives at Gnosticus IV a council Page informs him that the Shikadi have imprisoned the other council members in the Shadowlands to keep them from interfering with their plans. Keen sets out into the shadowlands to rescue the other council members in order to stop the Shikadi.

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This is the fourth game in the entire series with all new graphics since the original series was released. This game also includes a mini game called Paddle War which is very similar to the classic game called Pong.

With great thanks to Tom Hall and his awesome team for creating such a legend.

Publisher: Apogee
Creative Director:
 Tom Hall
Producer: Scott Miller, Mark A. Rein
Level Design: Tom Hall, John Romero
Graphics/Artwork: Adrian Carmack
Programming: John D. Carmack , John Romero, Jason Blochowiak
Music/Sound: Bobby Prince

For best results, this shareware release runs best when using DOSBox

Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle - Has been downloaded 2480 times

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