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Commander Keen 7: The Keys Of Krodacia

Commander keen 7 is the first episode that takes place in the unofficial “The Universe is Toast” series by Ceilick.

The story continues directly after Commander Keen 6 where Commander Keen had to rescue his babysitter. After Molly finding out that her younger brother intends to destroy the universe, she allows Commander Keen to search Mortimer’s room for clues as to where he may be. Fortunately Keen discovers a video tape that contained a message meant for Commander Keen. After watching the taunting message the Mortimer had left him, Keen had enough information to find out about Mortimer’s whereabouts on the planet Krodacia. Keen set off into hyperspace in his trusty Bean-With-Bacon megarocket to find Mortimer. After arriving at Krodacia Keen finds a fortress and of course the door is locked. Keen notices there are seven key holes on the door.

Suddenly Keen is approached by a Vorticon who requires Keen’s help. He introduces himself as Lieutenant Barker of the Vorticon Special Forces. Together they set out to search for the seven keys of Krodacia to gain access to the fortress. They decide to split up to cover more ground and stop Mortimer McMire before he can construct the Universal Toaster Canon!

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This is an epic three part adventure–so be sure not to miss the next two exciting episodes, “Dead in the Desert!” and “Battle of the Brains!”.

For best results, run this game using DOSBox

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