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Commander Keen 8: Dead in the Desert

Commander keen 8 is the second episode that takes place in the unofficial “The Universe is Toast” series by Ceilick.

The story continues directly after Commander Keen 7: The Keys of Krodacia. After being transported across the universe, Commander Keen finds himself stranded on a desert planet called Calidune. Upon arrival he is greeted by a strange alien who appears to be impostering Commander Keen. After both lacking the credentials to prove who is the real Commander Keen they decide to put aside their differences and work together in order to build a bean-with-bacon rocket ship in order to save the universe from the evil clutches of Mortimer McMire!

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This is part two of an epic three part adventure– so be sure not to miss the third installment, “Battle of the Brains!”

For best results, run this game using DOSBox

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