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Pic Of The Day

Yorp on Colors DS


With Halloween coming up soon we’re asking all you Keen fans who feel like doing some Keen art to participate in creating Halloween Commander Keen art. We would love to see some. It doesn’t have to have Commander Keen in the pic. It can be anything Keen related plus Halloween. For example this could mean your favorite Keen enemy and a pumpkin. Everyone is welcome to participate in this task. All artwork will be added to our image gallery found to the left of this page. Also you’ll get to have a link to your own portfolio/website.

Head on over to our forum page to share your art or post it up on our Facebook wall. Hope everyone has fun with this task.


We have reached one year of existence. Bringing you some of the best Keen fan works found in the galaxy. We have been happy to share with you some awesome and inspiring art works over the year. Thank you to everyone for their support and fandom of our legendary hero Commander Keen!

In other news it is also Tom Hall’s birthday (The creator of Commander Keen) A very big special Happy Birthday to you Tom. Hope you have a great day!

We have added some great sharewares to our Games section. Commander Keen 1: Marooned on Mars… The game that started it all! We have also added Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle for all you fans to enjoy. It is recomended that you use a program called Dosbox to play these games as most of our computers these days are too smart to know how to play old games.

Commander Keen Fans wishes everyone an early awesome Easter! Hope everyone has lots of fun collecting chocolates and earning as much points as possible. Who knows when that 1-UP might come in handy. We’re going away to get a head start. Have a safe and happy holidays :-)

Today we added another animation to the Videos section of the site. The animation called “Dopefission” created by Andrew Kepple is all about the legendary Dopefish and the many appearances it has made it many games and real life moments. Enjoy.