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Pic Of The Day

Commander Keen Pixel Render



Its birthday time again here at Commander Keen Fans! Today… The second of September marks our second year of existence. What an interesting couple years it has been. From discovering some awesome Keen art work to dressing up as Commander Keen and even playing some really awesome Keen fan mods.

And lets no forget the Shikadi attack! They tried to stop us but we prevailed on-wards to victory. By adding a whole new system to the website we see some great potential for the foreseeable future. We will next be working on a way to have our Keen gallery back online with all the awesome artwork. If there is anything in particular that you would like to see then let us know and we may be able to work it into the website for everyone to enjoy.

And in other news!… Today the 2nd of September marks the birthday of Tom Hall! The creative genius behind Commander Keen! Without his brilliant intellect we would not have Commander Keen in our lives! So a big Happy birthday to you too Tom!


We have reached one year of existence. Bringing you some of the best Keen fan works found in the galaxy. We have been happy to share with you some awesome and inspiring art works over the year. Thank you to everyone for their support and fandom of our legendary hero Commander Keen!

In other news it is also Tom Hall’s birthday (The creator of Commander Keen) A very big special Happy Birthday to you Tom. Hope you have a great day!