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Recreation of Commander Keen (R.O.C.K) – Demo release

With thanks to Henrock431, he brings us his version of Commander Keen utilising the Game Maker engine. This fan game of Commander Keen mimics the controls and feel of the original Commander Keen games of episodes 4, 5 and 6.

With the use of the Game Maker engine you can expect to find new enemies with behaviors never before seen in the original Commander Keen series.

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Although this may be a work in progress, there are several levels that are ready to be played by everyone.

With the inclusion of classic high quality tracks by Bobby Prince, This really feels like a Keen game.

This is the fifth alpha version of R.O.C.K and comes self contained in a single exe file. So getting it to run is as simple as double clicking the file after you unzip it. Enjoy!

Recreation Of Commander Keen (R.O.C.K) - Has been downloaded 1864 times

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